With a team that has oodles of experience in the construction industry, it is tough not to excel in creating edifices that speak volumes about the brains behind them. The core team at Span Group comprises of the following stalwarts.

Acquisition of property & PRO
Mr. Gumanmal S. Doshi                                         
The senior most and most experienced member; Mr. Gumanmal Doshi is a 70 year old Vile Parle based veteran of the realty sector with over three decades of experience, who still serves as a partner in 8 organisations. A B.Sc. graduate, he is the director of Shah Doshi Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. He is also a co-owner of the premises that have been leased to State Bank of Hyderabad, Vile Parle (E).

Mr. Gopalbhai Dwivedi                  
Mr. Gopalbhai is a 52 year old director of the famed Gujarat Group of Builders & Developers, who have developed millions of square feet in residential and commercial properties in Bhayander. In fact, a sizeable portion of Bhayander has been developed by him. Mr. Gopalbhai has over two decades of experience in the industry. A thorough professional with a keen urge to excel, he is an indispensable part of the collaboration.

Finance, Accounts, Sales & Marketing
Mr. Narpatraj K. Mehta
Mr. Narpatraj Mehta, also a Parlekar, is a 53 year old Commerce graduate who has been active in the construction and development field for more than two decades. In the past, he has been a Corporate Director in Kanakia Spaces Pvt. Ltd. His quality enriched experience has enabled him to also serve as partner in 5 organisations.

Mr. Nitesh Hedpara
Also a director in the Gujarat Group of Builders & Developers, Mr. Nitesh is a 38 year old professional with a decade of experience in the field of construction and development. His keen eye and astute sense of aesthetics has always proved valuable to any venture.

Construction & Development
Mr. Anil B. Bhandari
A fellow Vile Parle based realty professional, Mr. Anil Bhandari [B.E. (Civil)] is a 47 year old partner in 7 organisations. With over two decades of experience, Mr. Bhandari was previously associated with the reputed Thakur Group of Companies and has worked on many of their projects as the chief project engineer.


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