An outcome of a meeting of minds, Span Group is a partnership between the Gujarat Group of companies and the Rajendra Group of companies, which has been around for over 3 decades. With a firm foothold in the realty sector, the group has fostered many development, redevelopment and renovation projects.

The entity is made up of like-minded people who share a common vision and goal - that of being a name to reckon with in the realty industry. Span Group aims to become a successful collaborative endeavour that holds its own. The key personnel manning the helm of the group have at their disposal perhaps the most important thing of all - vast and varied expertise and experience. The combined turnover of this venture is well over 500 crores. From acquiring land and developing it to undertaking redevelopment of existing residential or commercial properties, Span Group has cast its net over a sizeable area in the construction and development industry.

Having garnered much acclaim through seven million square feet, 10,000 happy families and the fondness for quality, choice of location and timely completion, the group looks to the future with a strong sense of achievement.

As part of it's vision for the future, the group has acquired a sizeable amount of development-worthy land in Bhayander East and West. With ever increasing accessibility and speedy development happening in the area, Bhayander is showing up on the radar of preferable locations. Close proximity to nature (Uttan) and Essel World makes the place a hot spot of sorts. Hospitals, malls, temples, Radhaswamy Satsang Centre, entertainment venues; you name it, Bhayander has it.



To be known in the construction sector as an entity that reflects integrity, commitment to quality and adaptability.


To raise the bar and set a new standard of craftsmanship and value in the realty sector.


Span Group announces mega township in Boiser.

Span Valencia progressing in full swing Mira Road (East).

Span Exotica adorns Bhayander (West).

Span Trident graces Bhayandar (West).